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What type of services are you providing?
- We are a professional beauty business; our services are mainly for your beauty, such as makeup service, hairstyle, makeup lesson, facial treatment, wardrobe dressing service, makeover and photo shoot.

I am a straight man can I be in drag?
- Absolutely you can be in drag. It does not matter who you are or what gender you are, everyone can be in drag!

Does your service interact with sexual services?
- No, we have nothing to do with any sexual service.
- We can help you to look and feel sexy but we have nothing to do with any sexual service.

Do you give support or offer any sort of consultation regarding sexual/gender orientation?
- We are a professional beauty business and we are afraid that we are not qualified to give any advices/consultations regarding your sexual feeling or your gender.
- What we can do is to help to support you to achieve a look.

What shall I do if have a sexual feeling during one of your services?
- Calm down and keep it with you! Remember we are a beauty business and we have nothing to do with your sexual feelings. If you can not control it then we may have to stop our service and ask you to leave.

It’s my first transformation and I am nervous, what shall I do?
- We are a professional team with decades of experience, so you can be sure that you are in a good hand and safe with us. Calm down and just sit back and relax enjoy our service. We will deliver your beautiful look!

Can I use my mobile phone take seflie during the photo shoot session?
- Yes, you are very welcome to use your mobile phone to take selfie as many as you want.
- Please do not use mobile phone during makeup session as our makeup artist needs to concentrate doing makeup and we need your face to stay still.

I have a sensitive skin can I still wear makeup?
- You must inform us if you have any sensitive skin or allergy to a particular brand or any type of cosmetic.

Do you test your cosmetics before using with your clients?
- All of our cosmetics are from well known leading brands in the market. We test and use them first ourselves before using fore our clients.

What should I prepare before getting my makeup done?
- Please let us know what your skin tone is. If you can reply to our email with your current facial picture to us that will be the best for our preparation.
- Please shave well from home about 2 - 3 hours before your makeup appointment to avoid sensitive skin, bleeding etc.
- Eyebrown trimming is not recommended before attending Drag Makeup and Male To Female Makeup.
- Before we arrive, you will need to wash your face, apply very little moisturiser (just enough to avoid dry skin) and avoid wearing any type of makeup nor cream that has colour.
- You should wear a low collar shirt/t-shirt or something that can be easily to take off if you plan to get changed after your makeup session.
- Please remove your earrings and neckless before receiving makeup service.

Can I email or text you with makeup pictures I would like to have?
- We only accept picutres and give consulation after deposit payment has been made. We can deliver almost all looks our clients require but it has to be based on your natural feature.

Can I see pictures of your dresses, outfits, wigs etc befoe I attend my experience service?
- We are sorry that we do not send pictures of dressses, outfits, wigs etc. We have big selections of outfits, dresses, wigs etc but we think it's best for you to select them in person on your appointment day to enjoy the real experience. 

Can I shave and have a shower at your studio?
- We are sorry we don’t have this service at our studio. 

How to remove my makeup?

- Most of our makeup are long lasting porfessional products and for the best result:
- For Drag Makeup and Male To Female Makeup we may need to block your eyebrows with a eyebrow grooming glue. You will need to prepare Jonhnson’s Baby Oil and cotton pads for the removal.
- You will need Water Proof Eye Makeup Removal applying with a cotton pad to remove your eye makeup and water proof mascara.
- For the best cleaning result for the rest of your face we would like to suggest you to clean your face with facial cleansing milk / cleansing lotion.
- Apply the cleansing lotion/milk on your face using fingers circular massaging your face.
- Apply facial cleansing foam/ liquid on a wet face and rinse with slightly warm water.
- Dry your face gently, apply toner and moisturiser, then you are done 

Where can I find more information about your company, terms & conditions etc?
- Please visit our main company webstie to read more about us or click the following links for:
       - Terms & Conditions
       - Return Policy
       - Delivery 
       - Prices

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